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The Ventura County Fire Department Widows, Orphans, and Assistance Fund (WOAF) was founded in the late 1960s with the mission of promoting and maintaining a fraternal spirit among all VCFD employees and their families, both active and retired. WOAF provides financial and material aid to members and their dependents who are ill, injured, or facing unforeseen circumstances that have drastically altered their lives. Our greatest mission is to be prepared to assist family members in the event of a firefighter's line of duty death or catastrophic injury. Recently, we had to fulfill this mission, and while we hope never to do so again, we stand ready to serve. We take pride in our ability to support our membership and are committed to finding better ways to serve. We extend our sincere appreciation to all who have contributed their time and money to keep this vital organization thriving.
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President's Message

To our community and fire family near and far, We welcome you to learn more about us, our history, and our purpose. Organizations like the WOAF have existed in fire departments across the country for over a hundred years, many with the same mission we have today. However, the fire service has become much more diverse over time. Today, we are able to carry out our mission thanks to a well-organized team of men and women who ensure that when the "bell goes off," we have the necessary equipment, information, communication, training, operational plans, and dedication to achieve excellence in public service. Our service delivery extends beyond the fire stations serving the communities we protect. Our department members, both civilian and safety personnel, work harmoniously to provide the best service to our citizens. Brothers and Sisters of the VCFD family, this site was created to improve service and communication for you, its members. Our goal is to keep you informed about WOAF's operations, events, and services, and to provide a platform for you to communicate with us and our Board members. It is an honor and privilege to serve as your President. I am extremely fortunate to work alongside a talented and dedicated Executive Board, District Representatives, and support staff, all of whom, like myself, volunteer their time to keep this worthwhile organization running. No one is more important than you, the members we serve, without whom the WOAF would not exist. On behalf of the Widows, Orphans, and Assistance Fund Board of Directors, I want to thank all of you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the website and use it to strengthen our Fire Department family.    
Randy Gilbert