What is the difference between the WOAF and the Benefit Fund?  What about the VCPFA Charities Fund?

The VCFD Benefit Fund continues to exist, but was retitled the WOAF to better reflect our overall mission. The VCPFA Charities Fund is a completely separate entity and is part of Local 1364. Their mission differs slightly from ours, is governed by a different body, and is funded separately. We work closely with the VCPFA Charities on issues/occurrences that have a significant impact on Department employees.

Who can be a member of the WOAF?

Membership is gratis and shall include all active or retired safety and non-safety employees of the Department. All members are eligible for the benefits of this organization.

How is the WOAF Board governed?

The Board is comprised of VCFD employees, 2 representatives from each Battalion, HQ/Construction and Staff. All representatives are nominated and selected from their peers and serve a term of 2 years. The Executive Board is then appointed from within and includes the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The WOAF operates by its by-laws which are available to any VCFD employee for review. Who can attend WOAF meetings? WOAF and Auxiliary meetings are open to any member of the VCFD. We find that transparency and input from members helps with the overall success. Please contact any Board member for information regarding upcoming meetings.

How is the WOAF financed?

The WOAF is primarily financed by employee payroll deductions. We ask all members to donate whatever amount they feel comfortable with. Even $1.00 per pay period adds up. Contact the WOAF office or a Board representative for more information and THANK YOU! The WOAF also receives donations from the public, which are always greatly appreciated. The Auxiliary (D-Shifters) hosts fundraising events throughout the year.  We are always looking for suggestions, but most importantly need your participation to make these events a success. Please contact your WOAF representative or the Auxiliary Board if you would like to offer any assistance or ideas. The Ventura County Fire department does not financially support the WOAF in any way. NO TAX DOLLARS fund the WOAF.

How can I help out in addition to donating money?

If you check the WOAF website and Auxiliary social media pages from time to time you will see events posted that could use the help of volunteers.

Do I have to contribute money to qualify for WOAF services?

Absolutely not. All members are eligible to benefit from this organization and we never request reimbursement for our services. 

What are some of the programs the WOAF provides?

The WOAF maintains its fund through fiscal responsibility.  In doing so we are able to provide the following services:

  • Awarding of annual scholarships.
  • Financial and logistical support to family members in the event of a Line of Duty Death and non-work related death of an employee.
  • Financial and logistical support for a sick or injured employee or family member.
  • Support for employees during times of financial difficulty.
  • Financial and logistical support for a sick or injured Department retiree.
  • Financial support to assist with a Department member’s retirement celebration.
  • Sponsorship for Department wide social fraternal and formal events.
  • Assistance with meals, family travel in emergencies, home care services such as yard and housekeeping, medical equipment either from our cache, rented, or purchased, and even babysitting details.

How does the board find out about members who may be celebrating an event, in need of assistance, or who may be sick, injured, celebrating a retirement or birth?

That’s where we need your help! Please contact a WOAF Board member to discuss further.

Do we still have the BBQ trailer and can it be used for VCFD retirement BBQs and other functions?

The use of the shared VCPFA/WOAF BBQ trailer is permissible. Securing the use of the trailer will be on a first come first served basis by contacting the VCPFA office and making reservations. Protocol shall be adhered to regarding the use of the trailer and its associated equipment.  An inventory will be completed and proof of insurance will be required for its use.  A proper tow vehicle equipped for the task is also a requirement.